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Chonkers allow you to customize your calm with adjustable weight up to 8 lbs, heat, cooling, and scents. Learn more to see why Chonkers was 100% funded on Kickstarter in under 12 hours!

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Modular Design

With a first of its kind design, you can customize not only the weight, but also temperature, scents, sounds, and more to take advantage of a variety of sensory therapy techniques based on your mood or preferences. All Sensory Packs will always be reusable across any of our Stuffed Animals.


Community Funded, Mission Driven

100% Funded in less than 12 hours! Learn more about Chonkers and our journey.

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Customize Your Calm

"Wow. It's like a weighted blanket on steroids"

- Health Link

"As someone with anxiety, being too hot or too cold when on the verge of a panic attack tends to push it over the edge. I love being able to change the weight and temp. Just focusing on the correct pack helps calm my mind."

Brandi, Product Trial


- Stranger on Facebook

"I have a panic disorder and Fibromyalgia. It's great having a product that can help with both. Weight is great for my Fibromyalgia. I can't wait to get one of my own. The weighted blankets make me hot."

Leah, CHONKERS Backer

Love, love, LOVE!!! I honestly feel like I slept better. It is so soft, cute, and perfectly weighted. When my mind cannot rest from the days activity, this is exactly what I need and I love that I can easily clean and travel with it!!! 

Cami, Product Trial

Which Sensory Packs Are Right for You?

Add Weight

Mix and Match to create your ideal weight up to 10 lbs. The concentrated weight can relax your body and improve your overall mood through the technique of Deep Pressure Stimulation, naturally increasing serotonin and melatonin levels much like the relaxing effect of laying down with a small child or pet on top of you.  Learn More >

Add Heat

Warm your stuffed animal in the microwave for crazy cozy sensory input. Our Microwavable Sensory Packs utilize the effects of heat therapy, which improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients through your blood stream. Learn More >

Add Calming Scents

Aromatherapy uses calming scents like Lavender to stimulate natural relaxation responses from your brain's limbic system. This is an age-old technique that you have likely experienced using scented candles, a scented bubble bath, a sleep spray, essential oils, or the comforting smell of a loved ones sweatshirt. Learn More >

Add Cooling Comfort

Cooling can help with pain management and comfort. While everybody is familiar with icing sore joints or muscles, the cold sensory pack can also help with simply cooling you down. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep through hot, sticky summer nights, CHONKERS are the "cool side of the pillow" that will actually stay cool. Learn More >

Add Sensory Sounds

Choose from a variety of sounds designed to soothe from a soft, steady heartbeat, to white noise, to custom messages from loved ones that can be added and updated. Learn More >