Machine Washable Weighted Stuffed Animals - Washing Instructions

All Chonkers are designed specifically to be machine-washable to allow prolonged use of your stuffed pal, letting you use your Chonker everywhere without worrying about soiling him.

Most weighted products are not able to be machine washed due to the materials used or the inability for non-commercial machines to handle such concentrated weight, however, Chonkers modular design not only allows you to customize which Sensory Packs you are using, but also remove all of your packs and wash the outer layer. Making your stuffed animal easier to take anywhere. 

Machine Washing Instructions

  1. Remove your Interior Packs from your Chonker
  2. Add exterior plush to the wash alone, on cool with a minor detergent,  and wash the outer plush.
  3. Air Dry
  4. Once completely dry, add packs and your fuzzy friend is as good as new!
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