About Our Weighted Stuffed Animals

CHONKERS Weighted Stuffed Animals are a Naturally Calming Alternative to Weighted Blankets... but so much more.

Learn about the benefits of weighted stuffed animals, how they work, how heavy they should be, and how CHONKERS Weighted Stuffed Animals set themselves apart from other sensory products with flexibility, portability, price, and cuteness.

Benefits of Weighted Stuffed Animals

Sensory products such as weighted toys, clothing, blankets, and plush animals  have been used for decades to help reduce anxiety, improve mood, help with insomnia, and promote calm for children as well as adults. 

But can something as simple as weight really increase your mood and help you relax? In reality it is not much different than the science behind a hug. Have you ever experienced the calming feeling of sitting on the couch with your cat curled up on your lap? Or how you seem to instantly fall asleep when you are laying down with your infant child nestled into your chest?

This natural relaxant is not just the love you feel for your little buddy; the concentrated weight on your body is actually increasing serotonin and melatonin levels while decreasing cortisol levels—improving your mood and promoting relaxation. You are unknowingly utilizing occupational therapy techniques  known as deep pressure stimulation! 

Unfortunately you can't always have your pet with you and babies tend to age into much less cuddly teenagers...


How Can Weighted Plush Animals Reduce Anxiety?

Great question. The answer....

Science. See Exhibit A and B below.

Exhibit A:

Cat Cuddling with Weighted Stuffed Animal Plush Bear 


Exhibit B: 

Cat and Dog Deep Pressure Weight


OK, maybe I just included those pictures because they are too cute not to, but they do actually demonstrate even animals relaxing from forms of deep pressure providing a similar effect of weighted stuffed animals. 

Weighted Stuffed Animals and similar sensory products use what is known as deep pressure therapy to naturally calm your body and reduce anxiety.

Similar to a weighted blanket or a pet curled up on your stomach, the concentrated weight of Chonkers provides deep touch stimulation when on top of you. This pressure helps relax your nervous system and creates a familiar sense of comfort by increasing serotonin and melatonin levels while decreasing cortisol levels—improving your mood and promoting relaxation.

Smaller products like weighted stuffed animals are actually seen to be more effective than blankets, providing more concentrated pressure without trapping heat or making you feel claustrophobic. 

How Heavy Should My Weighted Stuffed Animal Be?

There is no single formula for determining the weight of your plush pal, it is all a matter of personal preference and use. 

For adults think about what brings you the most calm? If you like cuddling as a big spoon or laying with your German Shepard on top of you you should look to go up to 8 lbs, if you prefer the sensation of a cat or newborn snoozing on your lap 5-8 lbs is usually perfect, if you want something a bit lighter or are easing into deep pressure therapy 3.5 lbs or microwavable packs will still be heavier than normal stuffed animals (< 1 lb) but a less drastic change.   

The beauty of the Chonkers design is that you are always able to add or remove weight to find your perfect pressure. We strongly recommend against any weighted products for babies as the product should always be <5% of your own body weight.  Chonkers Weighted Stuffed Animals can be  available in adjustable sizes of  1.5 lbs, 2.5 lbs, 4 lbs, 6 lbs, or 8 lbs.

Are CHONKERS the Best Weighted Stuffed Animal for You?

Aside from the premium quality of materials and construction, Chonkers has designed unique features that make it more adaptable and affordable than any sensory product available.

  • Weight - Designed with adults in mind. Chonkers are the first weighted stuffed animal available in weights > 4 lbs, with adjustable weights that can be swapped in and out so you can find your calm from 1-8 lbs.
  • Affordable - Not only are Chonkers more than 75% cheaper than most weighted blankets (and 10x as cute). Everybody is unique and you shouldn't need to pay the price of a car to find what calms you.
  • Customizable - Chonkers are not simply weighted stuffed animals, but able to be constantly modified and extended to try a variety of physical therapies proven to calm you by choosing from an ever-rotating selection of scents, heating/cooling, sensory input options, or sound Packs in addition to the customizable weight.   
  • Machine Washable - Because of the modular design, Chonkers are the only truly machine-washable weighted stuffed animals since the interior can be completely removed to wash the outer plush.
  • Unique Rotating Designs Chonkers will continue to release new stuffed animals that are all compatible with the Packs you already own. Whether you are retiring an over-loved Teddy Bear for a Chonky Cat or feel you need a Chonky 'Corn Unicorn to better compliment your newly painted rainbow bedroom, new fun options will be released monthly!




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