About Our Aromatherapy Scented Stuffed Animals

With the addition of one of Chonkers Scented Sensory Packs, you can take advantage of a variety of calming scents to help you relax. Using scents as a relaxation aid has been used for ages and is known as Aromatherapy.   

How Aromatherapy Works in a Stuffed Animal

As the saying goes "scent is the sense most closely linked to memory". Have you even gotten a whiff of a food, a house, a perform and immediately had a visceral reaction or felt transported to a different time or place. The link to scents and our mind may be subconscious but it can be an extremely powerful tool that can be leveraged to help calm your mind.

Aromatherapy is simply the use of scents to trigger a reaction from your mind. The connections that your mind makes to particular scents can trigger this without you even knowing. We leverage this by using naturally calming scents like Lavender to stimulate relaxing responses from your brain's limbic system. This works very similar to using a relaxing scented candle, a bubble bath, a sleep spray, essential oils, or sleeping with comforting smell of a loved ones sweatshirt.


Which Scents are Available

While we will initially have a very limited supply of scents available, we will be launching many more in the near future. Make sure you have joined our newsletter to be notified as new scents, animals, and other Sensory Packs are released.

The Chonkers Soothing Scents Packs are designed to be removed from your plush stuffed animal so you can easily wash it without tarnishing the scented pack or to allow you to microwave the pack to bring out the scent.


Benefits of Scented Stuffed Animals 

Calm - Scented stuffed animals  can provide benefits similar to those provided by the deep pressure therapy of the pressure but with additional benefits as well.

Sleep - Relaxing scents can be great tools in helping you fall asleep. Allowing your mind to relax and focusing on the scent vs everything else running through your mind. 

Chonkers are an Affordable, Versatile, and Adorable Calming Tool for Aromatherapy and More

Aside from the premium quality of materials and construction, Chonkers has designed unique features that make it more than just a plush animal you can warm in the microwave. Chonkers is designed to help you find and keep your calm with an ever-extending line up of designs and relaxation solutions:

  • Combining Weight & Scent- While scent alone is great, Chonkers allow you to combine sensory input from deep pressure therapy and heat therapy as needed. 
  • Affordable - Quality sensory products can be very expensive. Everybody is unique and you shouldn't need to pay the price of a car to find what calms you.
  • Customizable - Chonkers are not simply scented stuffed animals, but able to be constantly modified and extended to try a variety of physical therapies proven to calm you by choosing from an ever-rotating selection of scents, heating/cooling, sensory input options, or sound Packs in addition to the customizable weight.   
  • Machine Washable - Because of the modular design, Chonkers are  truly machine-washable.  Just remove your interior Pack and wash the outer plush.
  • Unique Rotating Designs Chonkers will continue to release new stuffed animals that are all compatible with the Packs you already own. Whether you are retiring an over-loved Teddy Bear for a Chonky Cat or feel you need a Chonky 'Corn Unicorn to better compliment your newly painted rainbow bedroom, new fun options will be released monthly!
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