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Weighted Stuffed Animals for Adults with Anxiety and Other Disorders

From their adjustable weight (up to 10 lbs!!!) to their modular design to allow you to add additional calming features like scent, heat, and cold, Chonkers is clearly less of a child's toy, and more of a relaxation therapy toolkit.  Chonkers were designed specifically with Adults in mind, accommodating more weight, features, and a completely unique look.  Adults may just need Stuffed Animals more than children! Okay you caught us - they are not just for adults. With the ability to adjust weight Chonkers can be a great sensory aid for any age. Who Can Weighted Stuffed Animals Help While we very much believe anybody can and will enjoy Chonkers, our Weighted Stuffed Animals have been specifically engineered with a variety of disorders and situations in mind. Some...

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