Chonky 'Corn

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Made with high-quality materials and meticulous construction, Chonkers are more than just adorably chubby stuffed animals. Chonkers are a premium at-home therapy aid for a variety of anxieties, ailments, and disorders designed to help boost your mood and Find Your Calm

  • Customize Your Weight - Designed with adults in mind. Chonkers are the first weighted stuffed animal available in weights over 4 lbs.
  • Discover What Calms You - Extend and modify with our Sensory Sacs to try a variety of occupational therapies including weighted, scented, heating/cooling, sound, and more.
  • Affordable - Chonkers are more than 75% cheaper than most weighted blankets (and 10x as cute) but offer so much more.
  • Machine Washable - With the modular design, Chonkers are truly machine-washable.
  • Rotating Designs Chonkers will continue to release new adorably stuffed animal designs that are all compatible with the Sacs you already own.